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Amazing FDC aims to provide trust that reflects a partnership between children, their families and the staff. It will be developed on the premises that the child is capable and clever and so will foster children’s active involvement in the learning process and will provide for their needs and interest in the context of their own world in which they live. It is accepted that the environment is the third teacher and so this will be an integral part do the program. Experiences are developmentally appropriate and open ended. The materials provided will foster the children’s creativity and imagination.
Amazing FDC provides a safe and nurturing environment that respects and values children and individuals. In recognition that ‘the environment is the third teacher’, on-site learning experiences foster the active involvement of each child in ways that suit his or her individual needs and interests. Programmed learning experiences are designed to be developmentally appropriate and open ended, fostering each child’s creativity and imagination. The underlying philosophy of Amazing FDC is to facilitate and empower children to participate fully in the social, cultural and economical life in Australia.

Amazing FDC promotes an anti-bias approach and equal opportunity for all children through our programming and interactions with children and their families. The active involvement and supervision of all staff in the planning, implementation and evaluation of individual programs for the children in our care is an essential component in the quality of care that we provide. Programs are based on observation and assessment of each child’s strengths, interests and areas needing support and involve looking at the whole child in context of their environment, culture and life experiences. We ensure that ongoing, relevant and high-quality training and review of learning needs for carers is routinely delivered to ensure a continuing high-standard of care. We are using My time, Our Place along with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Amazing Family Day Care provides a safe and nurturing environment that respects and values each individual child. It provides opportunities for children to make connections with other children and adults and develop relationships as they learn about the world in which they live. Through careful and supervised individual program-planning, daily activities facilitate the development of each child’s positive self-esteem, fostering their curiosity and problem-solving skills while acknowledging their creativity, spirituality and cultural diversity.

Through our daily practices at Amazing Familily Day Care we ensure that all children are of equal value and have the right to learn and develop in an environment of constructive guidance and care. All children need care that is safe, nurturing and loving, provided in and atmosphere of family-like security and comfort. Our care options are tailored to the learning and development needs of each child and be sufficiently localised, flexible, affordable and culturally-appropriate to suit different families’ needs. Children will be supported in the development of their personality and creativity, and their intellectual, social and physical abilities, to their fullest potential. At our FDC we encourage families, carers and members of the wider community to share their ideas, feelings and concerns in an atmosphere of respectful consultation. The expression of each child’s personality and creativity, and the development of his or her intellectual, social and physical abilities to the fullest potential is a central focus of individual program planning and care.

We acknowledge that for many migrants and refugees, ensuring a future of safety and equal human rights for their children has been the prime motivation in their decision to come to Australia. Accordingly, Amazing FDC builds strong links with families to support them and their children across many different aspects of care and education. This involves working closely with parents and providing various resources to help them with everyday parenting issues. We ensure that our services are affordable, even for families on low or supported incomes and we give priority of access to children with additional needs. This includes children with challenging behaviours, global development delays and other disabilities as well as children needing additional language and / or social and emotional support. We give priority of access to children with additional needs this includes children with challenging behaviours, global development, delays, and other disabilities as well children needing additional language and / or social and emotional support.

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