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Amazing Family Day Care places a high degree of importance on the recruitment of educators of highest possible standard. In general, our educators are chosen because they enjoy working with children and are aware and sensitive to the needs of children and their families. This includes children with disabilities, from culturally and linguistically diverse communities and children and families of different religious beliefs.

Our educators must have an understanding of the different learning and development needs of children in accordance with Early Child Learning and Development Framework and live in a home environment that supports children’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. They must be committed to working in line with Amazing FDC Policy and Procedures that are consistent with the Children’s Services Act and Children’s Services Regulation.

Recruitment of Educators

Amazing Family Day Care educators are chosen through a careful and exacting recruitment process and their recruitment and ongoing performance is monitored in accordance with the Family Day National Standards and Family Day Care Quality Assurance to ensure the highest standard of care.

After initial interviews and provision of information through the recruitment process, a comprehensive home safety check is completed in accordance with National Standards using OH&S Educator Site Checklist. An Amazing FDC staff member will discuss with the carer any change to the home that needs to be carried out before commencement. The carer home site and safety checks will be conducted on a regular and ongoing basis and Amazing FDC field staff members may conduct them at any time.

An Educator must have a minimum qualification requirement of Certificate III in children services and cannot commence caring for children until satisfactory Working with Children and Police Check are completed as well as a successful completed First Aid Certificate sighted by Amazing Family Day Care.

All educators must be fully insured before commencing care. Amazing FDC must also assess all other people living in the educator’s home who may be in attendance during care hours and are aged over the 18 years of age. A Renewed Police Check is required every 12 months for any person that may commence residing at the carer’s home.

Amazing FDC is dedicated to meeting the needs of all children in care. Through constant observation, evaluation and individual planning, all carers will offer a unique program catering for the learning and developmental needs of all age groups. Play based programs will be developed each day and with the aid of educational, fun toys, raw material for children to explore, art and craft materials to create their own masterpieces and every day material that assist them in learning by doing. In line with the NSW and National EARLY YEARS LEARNING AND FRAMEWORK children are offered a range of activities which are developmentally appropriate, related to the child's interests and skills, encourage independence and allow children to choose activities. Carers will particular provide age appropriate programs that will enhance children’s capacity to develop;

Meeting the Needs of Children

Social and emotional skills

Language skills-both expressive and receptive

Physical development

Intellectual skills

Imaginative skills

Below are the Early Years Learning Framework learning outcomes which are also incorporated into our learning and development program:

Children have a strong sense of identity

Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Children are confident and involved learners

Children are effective communicators

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